Newell tells you the reason for the popularity of the LED three proof lamp
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With the rapid development of LED technology, the replacement of incandescent lamps by LED lamps has become a trend. In our life, more and more use of LED lamps and lanterns, people are more and more aware of the LED lamps, LED lamps are also increasingly popular. LED lamps with what makes consumers so welcome? Let's tell Newell about it today! The

LED lamp received welcome, need to start with the advantages of LED lamps: first, energy efficient LED lighting is very

. As everyone knows, because the LED light source has energy saving effect, the LED lamp can save more energy than the ordinary incandescent lamp, and can save a lot of electricity for you. In addition to the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving advantages of LED lamp, another is the color of the LED lamp light color is pure, warm and soft, no impurity any light, and the color is very diverse, with various decorative style needs.

second, LED lamp adopts low voltage power supply. In terms of physics, is more secure than the high voltage power supply, the use of the voltage, single bulb is in the 2V to 4V, low voltage, it can be safer for everyone to use, do not worry about the lamp power will hurt.

third, LED lighting materials price hard, the light source is in solid form, so in the earthquake, LED lights are not flicker, precisely because of this particularity, in order to make the LED lamp in talent shows itself in other lamps, occupied most of lamps market, to win the consumer's eye. Light

fourth, LED light is soft, in the light of the light without radiation, no ultraviolet and infrared light, while the ordinary incandescent lamp with ultraviolet and infrared, permanent will make the eyes fatigue, bring about unhealthy factors on the body. This is the advantages of LED lights, benefits and so on.

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