LED and other issues that can not be ignored
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LED lighting products have a broad market prospect, especially in the field of lighting. At present, LED products are widely used in lighting and lighting fields, such as LED guardrail lamp, LED lawn lamp, LED spotlight, LED underwater lamp, LED buried lamp and so on. Although we have a better understanding of the LED light source has the advantages of energy saving, long lifespan, no radiation (green light) and other advantages, but some key problems related to LED products also need to pay attention to.

: using a DC constant current power supply of

LED products should adopt special switching power supply (constant current source) to LED product supply it will not affect the use of the product life spans, but the product cost is relatively high. So some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of products using the resistance capacitance step-down to LED product supply, it will directly affect the LED product life spans. Two, to do

anti-static measures

different quality level of LED products, the ability on the antistatic property are not the same, so LED products should be anti-static measures in the process of production such as: table grounding, wear anti-static clothing, anti-static ring belt, anti-static belt gloves, conditional can install an electrostatic ion fan, but also to ensure the humidity is about 65%, so the air is too dry to generate static electricity, especially the green LED, it is relatively easy to be damaged by esd. Three,

temperature will make the LED resistance smaller

when the ambient temperature rises, the LED light source internal resistance will decrease, the constant current source power supply, to ensure that the working current of LED is not influenced by the external temperature.

four LED product and LED product

seal used outside, are facing the problem of sealing waterproof and moisture-proof, if not handled properly will directly affect the LED product's lifespan. The traditional epoxy resin “ ” irrigation method to seal LED products, this method of operation is more troublesome, will cause the product weight increase. At present, the quality of

market LED products poor, good quality and high brightness LED light source, low light decay, antistatic ability, long lifespan, but the price is several times cheaper than the expensive. Although some LED lighting project using LED light source of low quality, was not found what the problem is, but soon “ incomplete ”, so manufacturers and users do not “ in price grappling ”. The price is moderate, the LED light source of good quality, ensure the lighting project lifespan.

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