What's PHILPS doing? This LED smart street lamp can be 4G connected
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By the end of the week, 24 smart street lights (SmartPole) will be installed in every corner of Hollywood, according to TNW chinese. And next year, the number of this smart street lamp will increase by 100, and the Losangeles municipal government plans to install 500 smart streetlights in the city later.

SmartPole is an intelligent street lamp developed by PHILPS and Ericsson. It is not only equipped with high efficiency LED lighting, but also can improve the Losangeles intercity 4GLTE mobile network service.

Losangeles mayor Eric · Gahiti (EricGarcetti) said: “ Losangeles city street light simulation has been moving forward, Losangeles at the forefront of the world in LED street, LED street here than any other city in the United states. We will use these before has never been cultivated resources to provide better services for broadband networking in the city even after many years, high streets and back lanes, the infrastructure is not out of date, but also for the city to create more income. The project can fully demonstrate how much intelligence infrastructure can contribute to Losangeles: creating jobs, saving taxpayer money, and improving our living environment. ”

and the whole project will be operated by means of self financing, that is, by leasing valuable digital resources on city street lights. When asked about the need for the project, the mayor's office declined to comment.

the Danish capital of Copenhagen has also installed intelligent street lamp similar, 20 thousand lights in the city have been replaced by intelligent LED lights high efficiency. High efficiency lamp

can provide broadband Internet services for the future development prospects are bright, at least for the city of Losangeles and the people of the city of Copenhagen is.

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