Six big LED packaging forms, you know?
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As the connection point of upstream and downstream industry, LED packaging plays a key role in the link between the preceding and the following. In LED, high efficiency power, high reliability and low cost of development, the packaging requirements increased. Thus, the packaging industry in recent years has been in the new material and new technology driven and rapid development stage, new packaging, technology emerge in an endless stream, such as EMC, COB, CSP&hellip, … inversion; who will be king?

emerging package

shangzhao darling &mdash contention of a hundred schools of thought; COB

COB technology has advantages of simple circuit design, soft light the high cost and efficiency, save the system space, cooling effect is significant, high density packaging and output. Although there are still technical problems and the chip integrated brightness, color temperature and system integration, but it brings the effect of improving the quality of light is currently on the market a single high power devices unmatched, has considerable development potential for LED light source in the lighting market.

therefore, global LED packaging companies constantly on the COB packaging technology upgrade, continue to optimize the luminous efficiency of COB light source product life, reliability and key. MCOB, AC-COB, flip COB and other emerging COB technologies, such as “, high-quality, high efficiency and high cost performance ”, have emerged.

it is understood that the encapsulation of COB bulb has accounted for about 40% of the LED lighting market. It has obvious advantages in the field of commercial lighting, making it the mainstream solution of directional lighting, and will become the mainstay of the packaging field in the future.

price king — EMC

EMC is actually a kind of package material changes. It has high heat resistance, anti UV, highly integrated, high current, small volume, high stability, has outstanding advantages in the field of outdoor lamp bulb heat demanding field, against the VU requirements of relatively high requirements and high stability of the backlight field. Since the introduction of LED in the field of

EMC packaging in 2014, indoor lighting has been greatly developed, and has quickly become the mainstream product of SMD and COB “ contend with ”. It is understood

, EMC currently has 3030, 5050, 7070 types of models, 3030 of which price is very serious, and not much difference between light effect COB. And 5050 and 7070 can replace 3-7W and 7-15WCOB products respectively, and can save the light source cost by more than 30%.

then there is an upgraded version of EMC — &mdash SMC; silicone material, heat resistance, resistance to UV than EMC epoxy material to improve a grade, the future may be used in flip chip. Although the cost of upgrading power but also increase, and the production process can use the original packaging technology EMC.

at present, lamp manufacturers have in the packaging products were imported to EMC, SMC, the future application in small and medium power will also have a space for one person. High power &mdash

advantages; flip chip

flip chip has advantages of small size, high reliability, performance enhancement, fast heat dissipation, but the early development of the cost and other reasons, the downstream terminal market remained silent, in recent years the technical breakthrough that the application scope is more and more widely, the market share increased rapidly. Most packaging enterprises have taken this packaging technology as the key research and innovation direction. At present

flip LED technology in high power products and integrated the advantages of a large package, but in the application of small and medium power, cost competitiveness is not strong, and the process is brought to subvert the front end equipment costs also need a period of time to digest.

backlight market speed — CSP

is CSP package form no ground for blame, the packaging industry the most talked about it, low light efficiency, difficult welding, light color consistency, the cost price is high, but the light emitting surface and Gao Guang density, uniform color, small size increase flexibility, cost decreased by end potential of space, especially global in the LED lamp, LED lamp, the ball has excellent design flexibility, become the major companies competing to grab the blue ocean market.

at this stage, CSP in the LED field, the field of mobile phone backlight flashing is to maintain market share growth increase, but still rare in the field of lighting enterprises can achieve mass production. Because in the same light effect premise, CSP whether light efficiency or cost-effective, for mature medium power SMD, the advantage is not obvious. At present, most CSP are based on flip chip development, but the yield and efficiency of flip chip have not reached the effect of full chip. At the same time, the production of CSP enterprises is not enough, the scale effect is not obvious, the cost can not be reduced to the scope of popularization.

color consistency — RP

(remote fluorescent packaging technology) the relative performance of RP packaging technology is more prominent: one is the fluorescent powder from LED chip and phosphor is not easily affected by the heat of the PN junction, extend the life of the light source; two is to remove the light design of fluorescent powder from the chip structure, improve light emitting efficiency. Three is the light color, the spatial distribution is even, the color consistency is high.

packaging technology in recent years, remote ultraviolet excitation caused the people's attention, compared to the traditional UV light source, the one and only have advantages, including low power consumption, fast response, high reliability, light radiation, high efficiency, long service life, no pollution to the environment, the advantages of compact structure. But for the time being, it is relatively slow, and there are not many enterprises in R & D investment.

highly integrated — ACLED

this year, SMD+IC, AC-COB become the main products of the packaging enterprises, especially domestic packaging companies. It seems that “ packaging enterprises are no longer main push package, but is ‘ cross boundary ’ do AC module, do integrated light source ”.

ACLED can reduce the cost of the 20%-30% lamp drive, effectively avoid damage due to power supply caused by the LED lamp, and in line with the development trend of simple, highly integrated, but poor heat dissipation, low stability, etc. the strobe delay real market. The past two years, ACLED technology breakthroughs, especially in the field of Seoul semiconductor spare no effort to promote, its products have been able to improve the ACLED itself light strobe problems, but also the realization of intelligent lighting function. The

package cross

because of various packaging forms of contention of a hundred schools of thought, have healthy competition and healthy development of the packaging industry. Packaging technology diversity is the result of technological innovation, but also in order to adapt to different applications in different fields or places of LED. Each package has the advantages of its application and the formation of specific targeted market, can not be found in a package which will become mainstream, in quite a long period of time for each package will occupy their own part of the market.

“COB, EMC, flip and CSP technology have their own advantages, and between them is the intersection relationship rather than isolated relationship, such as COB, CSP on the package, EMC focuses on packaging materials, and the main chip is flip chip type and its corresponding arrangement, so they are mutually overlapping and fusion. ” state star photoelectric deputy general manager, R & D center director Dr. Li Cheng said. Deputy general manager of

Foshan Zhonghao Photoelectric Technology Co., Wang Jinhua also held the same view: “ will have to cross them in packaging applications, but their characteristics. Fujian tiandian photoelectric Co., ”

Dr. Sun Jiaxin from the fields of application for every package in the form of analysis, “COB is suitable for commercial lighting lamps, focusing on light and light quality; flip chip is suitable for application in the mobile phone flash and lamp etc.; CSP flash light in the field, the mobile phone LED backlight market has been growing; occupy a larger market share EMC in the market capacity of the largest replacement lamps market, such as lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp panel has been widely used in EMC lamp.

Zhaoxin photoelectric deputy general manager Wu Dake believes that compared with the current situation of the development of EMC Chinese industry, which belongs to the technical improvement, innovation is not strictly “COB package, it is a high power source module based on cost pressures. CSP has little effect on small and medium enterprises, but they are generally in the market to follow the trend of the road. On the contrary, large enterprises have the initial pressure, and urgently need to be preemptive in advanced technology. ”

“ in the future, which form of packaging more suitable for the market, mainly depends on the market acceptance of prices. ” Limited by Share Ltd marketing director Sun Shaofeng concluded rawlinson.

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