Look, Mr. Tang Guoqing summed up the ten biggest LED industries
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Recently, in the twelfth session of China International Semiconductor Lighting Forum meeting, always humorous, stunned the general manager of Samsung LED China Tang Guoqing again on the LED industry of God summary. Xiao Bian for his words were briefly combed, LED lighting people together to feel the wisdom of Mr. Tang Guoqing.

rise, exit

China industry, especially the LED industry, the real rise, as the industry people feel very proud; withdraw, the present international company quite miserable, few people continue to participate in the LED, because in this industry, they are not in the leading position, of course, PHILPS exception.

large regression, retreat once made

LED lighting industry, LED company will be relatively tired. First of all, LED enterprises should consider clearly their own core competitiveness in where, otherwise, with the traditional lighting grab the market, moved other people's cheese, will be very difficult to develop. Return to what I said, refers to the traditional lighting has returned, the world is still in their world, LED companies want to corner beyond, if not with the help of the Internet, it is not possible without success; “ Belt and Road Initiative ” may not succeed, so called big return, retreat. Transversely lighting industry now, LED lighting has several people to succeed in this course, except rawlinson. OSRAM has just released the

filament bulb is one of the most typical case, the traditional method with the traditional one, the introduction of the traditional LED lighting, but this is not an ideal lighting, the price is not high. Another example is the current use of glass tube T8 lamp best-selling world, because it is still equipped with those equipment, the stove is still, experience still, and no need to pay the price.

manufacturing, manufacturing in China

created no doubt, but what we create is the largest of its own brand business or OEM enterprises so I still admire OPPLE, NVC, Ya Ming, as well as the bright younger generation in their efforts to build their own Rawlinson, the China brand.

big melee

melee now may be a causal, perhaps is the market regulation. International Lighting giant lead price is this year one of the biggest features of LED industry, make the product light enterprise which is not the price target raised for the LED industry, this is a good thing or a bad thing we have to believe that the Germans are false, Chinese for what we fake large enterprises which have a big reshuffle

is high integration, the integration is a variable, it is only a beginning, more drama in the back.


exploration in Internet conditions, how to do business, the LED industry is relatively good in our industry are lucky enough, if you have already finished steel, coal, do more. We firmly believe that under the LED+ Internet, LED enterprises still have opportunities. Finally

is Chinese succession, lighting up the world.

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