By "LED landmark" earn enough eyeballs, double eleven can also play like this?
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Eleven on the eve of Shanghai Jahwa in the North City landmarks Guangsan LED screen, my affectionate greetings to the people of tens of millions of living and working here. “ continuation of Shanghai Jahwa calling you home for the annual Slogan ” electricity supplier, Shanghai Jahwa to join Herborist, GF, Maxam, rev, Liushen, home, jade, two girls, 9 brands of tea color, standing in the heroic city landmark, become the year 11 double marketing Xianshengduoren a

in fact! From the beginning, the night of October 30th, there have been visitors found the walls Shanghai Citibank building in the Bund on the LED screen, marking the new logo at the end of the red white Jahwa “ double 11, Shanghai Jahwa calling you home ” rolling subtitles followed by 9 big talent shows itself, brand logo three screen appeared together, in 4 hours the evening of 6 points to 10 points within the turns staged.

map for tourists by Shanghai Jahwa LED advertising attracted

figure for the Shanghai wall the Bund Citibank building LED rolling subtitles in the Bund Observatory: Shanghai Jahwa calling you home

chose to spread in the north part of large screen LED the most important landmarks to do the marketing is the most important line, deep wisdom and intention of Shanghai Jahwa marketing team deep, on behalf of the emotional experience more intuitive and more detailed. City landmarks can be said to bring together a city most of people and vehicles, here are all of the tourists and urban comers looked up at the place. Shanghai Jahwa LED screen from the Menara Citibank in the Bund began to light, then to the Beijing North Sanhuan Jingxin building and Canton Tower waistline, through the China north-south line, let all people feel the nature between the brand and the “ “ close correlation.

first-tier cities gathered all China most resources, the best opportunity, hard work in the city, your prospects will have more possibilities, there is hope that the dream, insist on the value. Although the crowd crowded, still feel that this is a city of hope. Shanghai Jahwa, not only carries the dream of several generations of family and responsibility, but also carries the Chinese dream, pulling the home crowd looking eyes, but also soothe tired body and mind wandering far away. To work every day, people don't have time for shopping, perhaps the best for family daily necessities but also a way of love. “ Shanghai Jahwa calling you home ” is a kind of &mdash call for you; — go home, at least to the parents of a video chat, tell them that you have a good, have the ability to buy Herborist Tai Chi Dan to mother in the winter to moisten the face, buy GF and home to still go to the family's father, as well as Maxam hand cream to Zuiteng own grandmother … …

in order to let more people feel the Shanghai city landmark night Jahwa slogan and the perfect combination of the best effort to see Shanghai Jahwa creation, Shanghai Jahwa Agel Ecommerce Ltd marketing creative team is also moving enough brains, specifically to remove all other complex VI elements, only the most simple “ text +logo” display scroll, specially adjusted the brightness of the LED. Take the exterior wall of the Bund Citibank building in Shanghai, as an example, and photograph by Puxi the Bund. The color in the photos will not be overexposed, and it will be more integrated with the beauty of Lujiazui.

from content to a specification of creativity, with a variety of channels to the marketing mix, the maximum effectiveness of the communication, for the “LED ” of the Shanghai landmark marketing Jahwa pocketed the eye, makes many brand fans praise for the detonated with the double micro and beauty shot to participate actively in the interactive activities “ sun ” in the landmark play games.

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