The annual electricity bill is 200 thousand! Junior students invented the classroom intelligent lighting system
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Go to college all know, in the evening, many empty classroom will become study room, for students study late. But after the end of the study, many people forgot to turn off the lights. There were five or six fluorescent lamps on the empty classroom. It was a waste of electricity. From the Huizhou University's passion, innovation and entrepreneurship team has developed a classroom intelligent lighting system, through sensors and systems to achieve intelligent control classroom switch, save manpower and resources.

multi sensor intelligent lighting control

of classroom intelligent lighting system idea, from life. Lin Xingwei, a key member of the passion, innovation and entrepreneurship team, is a student of computer science at Huizhou University. He is a junior at the university this year. Lin Xingwei said that in the school from time to time to see the class after class, a person did not, but there are several lights open, I think the power waste is very serious, it began to develop an intelligent system to control the idea of lighting.

in Lin Xingwei's vision, the intelligent system can induce the classroom if someone outside light and change, in order to achieve according to the scene to automatic control, and management personnel can also control network. Lin Xingwei studied in the embedded Laboratory of the Department of computer science. He and several small lab partners started with the help of the teacher.

“ we started in 2014 and studied for more than a year before we finished the final sample. ” Lin Xingwei showed us the samples in the system, as well as demos of the video. The whole system consists of hardware and software of two parts, the hardware mainly includes infrared sensors, light sensors, RFID terminal node, intelligent switch, gateway, router and server software is a team development control system and management system.

classroom desk will install an infrared tube terminal node, when people sit down when the infrared is cut off, the system will have one induction to the classroom. When the sitting person leaves, the infrared ray connects, the system will turn off the lamp above the table, saves the electricity. The light sensor is responsible for collecting natural light conditions. When the weather is clear and the room is very bright, the system turns off the lights. RFID terminal node for teacher attendance, the teacher came to class swipe card, the system will know that this classroom has a teacher in class, need to use electricity.

in this system, various sensors and switches the data can be collected to the gateway team, and then transmitted through the network to the server, login server management, which classroom is clear, can also be used for manual management in the web or mobile phone.

Lin Xingwei and his buddies calculations, a common classroom lighting electricity is about 1100 degrees, and a smart classroom lighting electricity about 500 degrees, only one room a year can save 600 kwh, down more than 400 dollars in electricity. Take Huizhou University as an example, 4 buildings and 433 classrooms in the whole hospital can save 200 thousand of the electricity fee every year.

Lin Xingwei said: “ intelligent classroom system can save more than 50% power for each classroom, and the installation cost is not high, the service life is 5 years.

self-developed circuit board is welded

Lin Xingwei joined the embedded laboratory in the big moment. In the lab there is both the computer and the electronics department. Under the leadership of the teacher, I learned all kinds of knowledge about embedded system.

embedded system is a kind of “ completely embedded controlled devices, a special computer system designed for a specific application of ”, this system is very extensive in everyday applications, such as access control, information appliance system. Deputy director of the Department of computer science, embedded lab instructor Tang Mingxing said, intelligent lighting system is a typical embedded system, the embedded power management system to realize the intelligent control of the power switch.

Lin Xingwei and other buddy team is all the lab of the first batch of students, since two years ago after entering the laboratory will start from scratch, step by step to learn all kinds of knowledge. Tang teacher introduced, since the project was put forward, Lin, a few of them have been breaking through all kinds of difficulties. “ some technical bottlenecks, they can not break through, I will give them directions, so that they go to books, search data, and solve it yourself. ”

“ welding circuit boards, adjust the voltage, and sometimes for a chip to find a lot of information, or can not find a way. ” recalls the process of research and development over the past year, Lin Xingwei said, the whole system involves many aspects of software and hardware, lack of knowledge storage, and sometimes let them quite “ pain ”. Team four or five people study together, life, two years down, people mature, communication ability is greatly strengthened, very team spirit; — — Tang teacher watched them grow up, gave their own evaluation.

, intelligent lighting system, low cost business model is simple and effective. Next, Lin Xingwei intends to continue to improve this system, it is doing fine, fine. Then look for opportunities to conduct experiments at Huizhou University.

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