Analysis of lighting sales of electricity supplier in the next ten years
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On line data, the lighting business growth significantly, the main reason is that the line lighting companies are actively promoting the “ shock ” process; in the long run, lighting electricity providers are becoming more and more important, the size of the transaction will be more and more.

industry pointed out that the advent of the Internet era, the development of the electricity supplier changed many lighting business models, but the characteristics of lighting products, it cannot do without outlets, cannot do without the store display. The above data faintly visible, the current lighting electricity supplier development is not so beautiful ” “, but lighting manufacturers on lighting the future of the electricity supplier is showing some expectations and confidence.

pure online sales is to seize the hearts of consumers. Lighting product sales is mainly to implement “ ”, core strength and landing is the store; on this level, lighting products sales either online or offline, all cannot do without the store.

clear: the future type = Online + offline fuzzy

: online and offline how?

in the Internet era, in the face of e-commerce, hold different attitudes of different enterprises. A senior industry source said, the electronic commerce trend irreversible, lighting brand to face the traditional channel competition, must be “ ” “ ” a few odds, tramp over mountains and through ravines, but the electricity supplier channels, means a chance, mean difference. From the initial fear of being “ electric injury ”, the electricity supplier to bring significant sales increments, lighting enterprises will significantly increase the wishes of electricity. The rise of the concept of

“O2O” has provided the best opportunity for counterattack to the traditional lighting enterprises, and further improved the connection between the line and the line. We see that the core of the “O2O” model is to bring online consumers to the real store, — — online order or pay offline goods and services, and then go offline to enjoy the service. By providing product information and services, the enterprise pushes the news from offline stores to the Internet users, thereby converting them into offline customers. Innovative enterprises should have both an entity point of sale, a cable sales and service platform, so it is more convenient to provide the offline consumer experience, so as to obtain more convenient advantages than online enterprises.

in “O2O” mode, the traditional electricity supplier from product purchase to use on the network, because of the lack of consumer experience links has been criticized by the user. The “O2O” model, “ online consumption, ” and “ line, service ” two functions combine to form a complete consumer experience link.

for brand lighting companies, this mode is “ ” can fully integrate the shooting two birds with one stone, brand online promotion ability, and can integrate the dealer channel service experience ability. And for the end market dealers, whether willing or not, in fact, are experiencing an invisible smoke “ channel integration warfare ”. “O2O” brand lighting companies require dealers to provide a strong line of support and service experience, in the past have been repeatedly stressed that the sales of “ shipping capacity ” will be “ ” customer service and “ customer experience to replace ”, more small and medium-sized enterprises and dealers are facing a transition pressure.

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