How to protect the security performance of LED display
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In recent years large screen display the development of the industry, it is not difficult to see, no seam and the high quality is the ultimate pursuit of large screen display. In the current mainstream display technology, liquid crystal display, due to the existence of obvious seams, so it is hard for high director room, Meteorological Bureau on the integrity of the field to attack the picture. The field is also the core battleground for small spacing LED to launch an attack on DLP. Although the LED display technology is already very mature, but in the process of using will always encounter such and such problems, the following will mainly introduce the LED display common faults and solutions.

, a LED screen appears black screen is what reason?

in process control system in use, we occasionally encounter LED screen phenomenon of black screen. The same phenomenon may be caused by a variety of reasons, and even the screen darkening process can vary depending on the operation or the environment. For example, it may be a power of the moment is black, may also be in the loading process in black, also may be sent after the black and so on:

1, please make sure all the hardware including control system has all the right power. (+5V, do not answer, reverse)

2, check and repeatedly confirm whether the serial line used to connect the controller is loose or fall off. (if black, while loading, it may be because the causes, namely in the communication of the communication line due to loosening and interruption, so the screen turned black, do not think that the screen is not moving, line would not be loose, please do check, it wants to solve the problem quickly is very important. (

3) check and verify whether the LED screen and the HUB distribution board connected to the main control card are closely connected, and whether or not they are inserted. Bright line or screen becomes the reason of flower a few seconds

appear two, LED display just when the power is on the screen?

controller and computer and HUB distribution plate and the screen is connected properly, need to provide +5V power controller to make it work properly (at this time, not directly connected with 220V voltage). On the power instant, the screen will appear a few seconds of bright line or “ flower screen ”, the bright line or “ flower screen ” are normal test phenomenon, to remind the user that the screen is about to start working properly. Within 2 seconds, the phenomenon is automatically eliminated and the screen is in normal working condition. Three,

unit appeared in the whole piece of the screen is not bright and dark bright

1, visual power cable, 26P cable and plate unit between the power supply indicating lamp is normal.

2 measure the voltage of the unit board with a multimeter, then measure the voltage output of the power module. If not, the power module is judged to be out of order.

3, measure the power module voltage is low, adjust fine tune (the power module close to the indicator light fine-tuning) to make the voltage up to standard. What is the reason

four, not loaded or communication not?

communication not reason and not loaded on roughly the same, may be due to several reasons, please according to the following operations:

1 and control, ensure the control system hardware is properly power.

2, check and verify that the serial port used to connect the controller is a through line rather than a cross line.

3, check and confirm that the serial port is in good condition and there is no looseness or shedding at both ends.

4, control LED display control software and its own choice of control card, choose the right product type, transmission mode, the correct serial number, correct baud rate and control software provided in the dial switch control system hardware diagram correctly set the address bits and the baud rate.

5 to see if the jumper cap is loose or off; if the jumper cap is not loose, make sure the jumper cap is in the right direction. There is still a

6, such as after the above check and correct after loading, please use a multimeter to measure, whether connected or computer control system hardware serial port is damaged, to confirm whether should return the computer manufacturer or the control system hardware back detection.

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