Melbourne and Sydney are actively adopting climate action to promote the use of LED energy-saving lamps
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Australia's two largest cities, — — Melbourne and Sydney have joined the international urban union “ mayor contract ” program designed to reduce urban greenhouse gas emissions.

Melbourne municipal government plans to direct purchase of renewable energy to solar and wind energy suppliers. (from The Associated Press) the mayor of

“, the contract ” project, was proposed by Michael, ·, MichaelBloomberg, former mayor of New York in 2014, and has been strongly supported by the United nations. The contract calls for participating cities to come up with ambitious energy conservation plans to work together to reduce urban greenhouse gas emissions and support climate action.

it is estimated that the city made 75% of global carbon emissions, consumption of the main natural resources on the earth. At present, the world has 165 cities signed to join, covering a total population of 234 million people. The United States plans to develop 100 American cities to join the contract before the Paris climate conference. Melbourne is

and Australia in Adelaide for the world's first zero emissions City, and plans to achieve this goal before 2020. Melbourne has carried on the transformation to more than 500 commercial buildings, in order to promote the sustainable use of resources, these buildings in the next 5 years, at the same time, the Melbourne municipal government plans to direct purchase of renewable energy to solar and wind power suppliers.

Sydney plans to cut carbon emissions by 70% in 2006 on the basis of prior to 2030, and to achieve energy-saving city buildings up to 31%, in addition, the city also took use of LED energy-saving lamps, public buildings to install solar panels and a series of actions. Sydney mayor Moore (CloverMoore) said: “ 2/3 of Australians live in the city, and by 2056, the city's population will also increase by 10 million.. We have begun to take an important measure to cope with climate change, greatly reduce the largest city of domestic carbon emissions, ‘ &rsquo, mayor of the contract; and the global leader in the city together, which strengthened the Sydney pledge to deal with climate change. Melbourne mayor Robert ”

· (RobertDoyle) “ Doyle said: if the two aspects can not be prosperous for the development of the city sustainable development and give enough attention, it is not the world's most livable city. With the approach of the Paris climate conference, relevant initiatives in the cities of Australia will have a positive impact on the world. ”

, former New York Mayor Bloomberg also said that in order to achieve global temperatures than before the industrial revolution in control in less than 2 degrees Celsius, the city is making significant contribution to contract “ ”, climate change plan ambitious not only possible, but also feasible, “ is perhaps the most important in the development of the City, experience shows that combating climate change and to promote economic development can go hand in hand. ”

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