Electricity supplier trends, LED lighting stores how to break through?
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In recent years, accompanied by a variety of shopping methods, especially the emergence of the Internet shopping boom, lighting products sales, the Internet has gradually become another segment of consumers. The traditional single channel is different from the traditional lighting lighting era and non selective, Internet business trends, networking technology has been looted and scattered the existing lighting channel physical stores spending power and purchasing power.

it is not fully understood, the current lighting market facing business deserted, the price war, it is difficult for the continued prevalence of business, sales decline and other problems. Even more embarrassing is that with the advent of large stores, flagship stores, stores, consumers are missing … …

facing the increasingly bleak lighting physical stores, lighting manufacturers, businesses, how to face the market changes, actively seeking to break the law? Whether the lighting store has lost it the role of

? Traditional channel construction is still the preferred landing

lighting manufacturers online for business or business subject to the line have to worry about online business robbed of their own business, when jichong “ shock ”, a research organization obtained surprising data: future plans more through the store shopping consumers increasing ratio from 26% to 18% a year ago; “ said the store is very convenient / convenient shopping ” customers reached 93%, far higher than the Internet and mobile devices. Thus, the traditional sales channels are still the preferred way for consumers to buy Lighting products. This is the general manager in

Hualei optoelectronic applications sales department Han Shaolong told reporters when it was mentioned, he told reporters:

at present, construction of the store (traditional channels) or lighting necessary for enterprises to work. For the store and the current hot on the Internet as the representative of new sales model, both of which can coexist can even pull each other, because they are essentially the same, is a sales tool only, in this respect, and no one must replace anyone.

and Han Shaolong agree on Shenzhen Kaida Technology Company Limited Marketing Director Chen Zhiyong said:

store experience, reality and service of all aspects of a more direct, more people have a sense of security, this is a special virtual business platform not available; second network (electronic business platform) is always the service entity in the information epoch, the electricity supplier network is certainly not to be missed, but leave the store network is lost at all. Price and customer service service

“ products has been the focus of attention of clients, big brands originally in the physical channel has a very good foundation, major shopping malls are very welcome they set cabinet, so the electricity supplier is not their first choice. ” Guangdong yellow stone Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Liu Jianhua general manager said that the current part of the well-known brands or traditional channels for the focus of force.

traditional channels have “ one way ” burnout was a common

decoration to buy Lamps, is in the online bargain, or more like the store customer service service? Facing the surging competition in the shop, the shop owner lamps is stick or transformation? Lighting store frequently dismantling, sell the field and how to deal with when the traditional? “ ” lighting industry suffered cold, lighting manufacturers how to spend the traditional lighting channel “ burnout tired period ”?

Shenzhen Kaida Technology Company Limited Marketing Director Chen Zhiyong told reporters about his views, he thinks the traditional lighting channels especially physical stores and rectification should be improved from the following four points: first,


rental store because of the high cost, in order to increase the added value (product), the requirements of the product performance. Two,


first store will more professional operation, the clerk should have more professional knowledge to meet consumer demands.

three, better

store environment is beautiful, improve the consumption environment of comfort and experience. Of course, the quality of the product is to choose the best. Four,


is to keep pace with the times, combined with the current network, enhance customer viscosity, it can also prepare for better customer service.

“ emerging channels for traditional channels is a double-edged sword, is the advantage or disadvantage, the key lies in how to deal with its traditional channels of relations. ” Zhongshan City lion shield electric limited company marketing director Ren Wei told reporters that between physical stores and Internet led emerging channels now in the coexistence stage, as between the two enterprises in the division of labor, according to the specific circumstances of the enterprise. The change of

traditional channel business model, especially the reform of physical stores, in the Internet business has become a light under the oppression of enterprises have a formal problem. As a tool to realize the landing of the product, no matter what kind of mode, the final analysis is to achieve the purpose of sales. The so-called “ ”

sales burnout in the sense of traditional channels in the face of a natural reaction, surging wave of new mode under it and escape than face, who said that in the competition, losing some traditional channels.

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